Wasteland 3 official artwork

[Update]: Turn-Based RPG Wasteland 3 has now made its way to PC and consoles!

Wasteland 2 is not a perfect game, not by any stretch, but it is still an immensely enjoyable old school RPG with a rather captivating story. As such, I am incredibly happy to let you know that Wasteland 3 has just been announced, and best of all, it will support co-op multiplayer!

While Wasteland 3 will definitely feature a wasteland, it won't be the same one from Wasteland 2, but rather an entirely new icy hellhole located in Colorado. This also means you will not have an already established Ranged base to rely on, you will have to do everything yourself! You'll have to scour the land for buried secrets and lost technology, trade and ally with the rather... colorful locals, and ultimately decide the fate of the region itself. No pressure!

Since there isn't much information available right now, allow me to share with you the official "What is Wasteland 3?" fact sheet:

A party-based role-playing game, with a renewed focus on our trademark complex story reactivity and strategic combat.

By including vehicles, environmental dangers, and a revamped, more fluid action system, we are evolving on Wasteland 2's deep tactical turn-based combat and unique encounter design.

Play by yourself or with a friend in story-driven synchronous or asynchronous multiplayer. Choices open up (or close off) mission opportunities, areas to explore, story arcs, and tons of other content.

Your Ranger Base is a core part of the experience. As you help the local people and improve your Ranger Base, quests and narrative will force you to make decisions on how to lead.

The game will be set in the savage lands of frozen Colorado, where survival is difficult and a happy ending is never guaranteed. Players will face difficult moral choices and make sacrifices that will change the game world.

Wasteland 3 will feature a deep and engaging story utilizing a newly-revamped dialog tree system from the celebrated writers of Torment: Tides of Numenera

Simultaneously releasing to Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

No release date has been given just yet, but you can expect to see Wasteland 3 appear on Fig (a crowdfunding platform similar to Kickstarter) in the near future.