Screenshot from Wasteland 2's Director's Cut

Another weekend has arrived, and with it a brand new "free" game on Steam. This time around its Wasteland 2, an oldschool turn-based RPG that might not be the best looking game around, but is still filled to the brim with interesting decisions to make, compelling characters, and some great writing.

You can try out Wasteland 2 for free on Steam over the course of the next two days, and if you find yourself interested you can grab it at a 50% discount, which brings the price down to €20/$20. If you're looking for some gameplay footage to sway you either way, here's the relatively recent launch trailer, and I hope you like constant jump-cuts:


Wasteland 2 is most similar to the old Fallout series, and with that you should already have an idea whether its the game for you, or not. If you're someone that enjoys turn-based combat, a focus on storytelling, a dialogue system that allows you to steer the narrative in various directions, and characters that need to be specialized in order to function well, you'll most likely enjoy Wasteland 2. 

On the other hand, if you can't stand slow-paced combat, occasional clunkyness, reliance on dice rolls, and some rather dated graphics, then you might want to stay away from Wasteland 2 as its filled with just that. Personally, I found it to be really enjoyable, though I am a big fan of oldschool RPGs so my opinion is clearly biased on this matter.

If you're still uncertain I would fully recommend you give Wasteland 2 a try. Its currently completely free, and if you find yourself enjoying it then that was worth all of the trouble, especially since the worst case scenario only loses you a bit of time.

Wasteland 2 screenshot showcasing combat