A five-way fight.

Warsow has been in development for what feels like forever. First time I've heard about it I was still in high school and to see it still in development, 10 years later, is quite the sight.

Warsow Version 2.0 which comes after a year and a half of development and beta testing is bringing with it a whole lot of changes, from graphics to gameplay. Here are the most important ones:

First thing worth mentioning is the addition of a tutorial system. It might seem silly that an FPS would even need one but Warsow uses many mechanics found in the Quake series such as strafe jumping, rocket jumping, bunny hopping as well as new additions such as wall jumping and so on. Unless you've played arena shooters of old you might not have even met with any of those mechanics since they're usually absent from modern FPS so a tutorial system is more than welcome

Graphics have also received an update, both in terms of quality as well as performance. The patch notes boast of a 30-50 % boost in performance depending on hardware which is quite the feat of optimization. That aside, majority of Warsow's assets are now under the Creative Commons Attribution license meaning you are free to use them for mods or even your own purposes as long as you follow the license. 

A pretty Warsow 2.0 map

Graphics have come a long way from the earliest screenshots I've seen

Maps now have a couple of customization options that are available for use. First of all is the flipped mode which does pretty much what you would expect, flips the map. While it is clearly just a novelty it might be fun every once in a while to feel like a noob on a map you know well. The second available option is the use of color grading in order to improve the map's visuals. This one is left up to the map creator's discretion and can be turned off in your menu if you find yourself disliking it.

There is now a contextual Voice Communications menu. You can access it by holding left Shift after which you will be able to select the various options through number keys. This might seem like a minor change but when you have a fast paced game there is simply no time to type and these quick voice communications end up being immensely useful in facilitating teamwork.

That is it as far as the really big features go. If you want the details as well as all of the balance changes I'd suggest you go to the patch notes and give them a read, there are a lot of changes in this one.