Steam servers are having caching issues so accounts are getting randomly assigned

If any of you logged in to Steam in the past few hours you might have noticed that your account is now under a different name, perhaps even a language you can't speak.

Don't worry, you haven't actually been hacked nor has your account been changed. Steam servers are currently having some massive issues related to what I assume is storing user sessions so people are getting matched with wrong accounts.

Update: According to SteamDB the issue is indeed on Valve's end and the Steam service hasn't been hacked. 

Update 2: Everything seems to be back to normal now.

This is currently happening to everyone and until Steam resolves this you can not do anything yourself to fix it. What you can do is ensure you DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING TODAY because the games you buy might not go to your account but rather to someone else and then you'd have to go through the roller-coaster of joy that is waiting for Steam support to reply.

If you have a credit card or paypal linked to your account for one-click purchasing those might end up being compromised depending on if an asshole gets to your account or not, so make sure to check once this all is over if any purchases have been billed to your card/paypal account and if they have, dispute them as soon as possible. But DO NOT attempt to remove them right now, you might just end up compromising yourself instead.

This is quite a serious security concern given that random people can view your account details so if you have any major accounts that share passwords now would be the time to make them unique, just to prepare for the worst case scenario.

I'll make sure to update you as soon as any new information pops up.