Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide screenshot of an eerie house from Death on the Reik

Even though Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is set to arrive in early 2018, the developer Fatshark has now unleashed a sizable piece of DLC for the original Vermintide! On first glance it might not look spectacular since Death on the Reik 'only' brings with it two maps and a melee weapon, but much like the previous DLCs these maps are fairly large and have a lot of content packed within. Its not something you're going to blaze through within ten minutes, though obviously the replay value will depend on your eagerness to serve as the planet's pest control.

If you're wondering what these new maps and weapon might look like in-game, wonder no more as the developers have released a brief trailer highlighting just that. Have a look, its well worth a minute:

The newest Death on the Reik DLC will set you back €7 on its own, but if you plan to pre-order Vermintide 2 its worth mentioning that it will be granted to you for free as a little bonus. Whether this is worth your time and money, that I'll leave for you to decide, but what I will say is that this is the best kind of pre-order DLC. It manages to be tasty appetizer and a small discount for long-time fans, without actually cutting anything from the game itself. As such, even if you buy Vermitnide 2 years later you're still going to be getting the full experience.

To learn more about Death on the Reik, or Vermintide itself, you should head on over to Steam. Have fun slaying rats!

Vermintide - Death on the Reik screenshot of Skaven attacking in the night