Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr screenshot showcasing the open world

Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr is an upcoming action RPG that aims to bring with it all of the features you've come to expect from the genre: randomized levels, tons of replayability, a constantly increasing difficulty curve, and naturally, a combat system that is satisfying enough to keep you coming back for more.

And while the most recent preview video doesn't showcase the combat, it does cover pretty much everything else in rather fine detail. So if you're interested in learning more about Inquisitor - Martyr's open world system and the way the missions are created, you should probably lower your gaze to the video below. Have a look:

Once we remove all of the marketing lingo and catchphrases from the video we're left with a pretty standard action RPG setup. But don't take that as a complaint, because features such as randomized levels and missions have become standard for a good reason - they are excellent additions that make nearly any APRG a much more enjoyable experience. Whether this will be the case for Inquisitor - Martyr as well, its too early to say, but its good to know that the developers have the right ideas in mind.

And speaking of right ideas, their plans for continuous releases of free DLC is one of those. The way I see it, the the biggest problem with ARPGs these days, and this affects the giants such as Path of Exile and Diablo 3 as well, is the simple fact that after a while you'll experience everything the game has to offer. But if the developers behind Inquisitor - Martyr manage to keep their promise and bring in enough new content every couple of months to keep that problem at bay, that would be a massive boost to the longevity of the game, and conversely, to the enjoyment of it as well.

If all of this sounds as interesting to you as it does to me, you can find out more by heading over to the official website. And if you're interested in more upcoming Warhammer 40k games, you can head over here for Warhammer 40k: Space Wolf, and here for Warhammer 40k: Sanctus Reach. Enjoy!

Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Matyr screenshot showing the mission system

Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor - Martyr screenshot showcasing a star system