Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf gameplay screenshot

For those of you that might not know, Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf is a challenging turn-based tactics game with some card game elements thrown in for good measure. While the mechanics themselves are solid and enjoyable the release version of Space Wolf suffered from some ridiculous difficulty spikes early in the campaign, as well as an enemy AI that liked to take their sweet time while wasting yours.

Thankfully, a lot of this has been fixed in the most recent update. Enemy animations can now be disabled in the settings, essentially speeding up the combat and bringing the focus back onto action. But perhaps most importantly, some of the previously annoying campaign missions have been reworked and rebalanced. Since the patch notes are fairly small here's the list of everything that came in with the update:

Animations of enemy troops can be disabled now in the settings.

Proximity Fading was improved. Now we use itin more missions.

GUI was slightly readjusted.

'End of turn' message can now be disabled.

Mission 2-2 was reworked. The enemy has now much more reasonable amount of units on the battlefield.

Plasma Gun (Chaos Marines) was weakened. We've also fixed it's visual effect of shooting.

One of the Chaos Cultists was deprived of speed cards, although his movement range was extended.

Combi-Flamers could be used to reload other flamers now. Opposite is also correct.

60 FPS cap was set.

Mission 1-4 was redone: we have fixed some technical issues with and balanced the enemy presence.

Torches' sounds were adjusted. Plus, there should be no more issue with a sudden increase of volume in sound menu.

Mission 3-1 was redone: now the enemy should appear only in the area of player's advance.

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If you're interested in learning more about Space Wolf you can find my review and thoughts by heading over here. Long story short: "As it stands right now I simply cannot recommend Space Wolf to anyone but the most diehard of Warhammer 40,000 fans. The gameplay is solid, there is no doubt about that, but Space Wolf has so many frustrating design choices that playing it feels like work, not relaxation. I would still recommend keeping an eye of it over the next few months, however, as there is a definite chance things can improve for the better, much better!"

Or if you want things even shorter, Space Wolf is on a path towards becoming a good game, but its still not there just yet. I'd recommend waiting for another patch or two before jumping in as hopefully that will be enough time for the developers to fix some of the more troublesome issues.