Dawn of War 3 gameplay screenshot of Space Marines

Unlike Total War: Warhammer which took an entire year to finally appear on both Mac and Linux, the Dawn of War 3 ports are set to arrive next month. To be more specific, Dawn of War 3 will release for both platforms on Thursday, June 8th.

Much like the vast majority of ports these days Dawn of War 3's Mac and Linux versions will not be handled by the developers themselves, but rather by Feral Interactive. While the name might not ring any bells, chances are high you know them from their work on the Mac and Linux versions of Total War: Warhammer, XCOM 2, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and the list goes on. So if we go with Feral's track record so far I think its safe to say Dawn of War 3 is going to be a very solid port as well.

The only puzzling thing about this whole announcement is the price tag. If you purchase Dawn of War 3 through either Steam or the Feral Store it will set you back $60/£40/€60, but if you go through the Mac App Store the price will be $50/£49/€55. I have no idea why the prices differ so much, but its definitely worth keeping in mind if you're planning to grab Dawn of War 3 full-price. And finally, its important to mention that if you own any version of Dawn of War 3 on Steam you'll be able to download and play all three versions without any additional cost.