Warframe's The War Within update official artwork

After being teased for so long that I've actually forgotten when Digital Extremes first mentioned it, Warframe's massive 'The War Within' update is now finally available on the PC! Its brings with it a brand new lore-driven cinematic quest, a whole host of new Grineer enemies, as well as a variety of new weapons and cosmetics to adorn your magical space ninjas with.

If you're interested in a closer look at some of these new weapons and enemies, you're in luck as DE has release a brief preview showcasing all of the major features coming in with 'The War Within'. Have a look:

Since the details are currently a bit scarce, and to be honest they usually are when it comes to Warframe updates, allow me to share with you the list of features that came with the announcement. Its not much, but it should at least point you in the direction of the content you might be interested in. Here's the list: 

• LORE-DRIVEN CINEMATIC QUEST: Uncover the secrets of an empire. The Queen's fortress hosts a maze of caves and Grineer technology, but much more ornate than previously seen from the Grineer. Be careful! The Fortress is heavily guarded with new and dangerous foes. Bypass their heavy defenses and enter the Queens’ Chamber to uncover their hidden secrets.

NEW ENEMIES: A new breed of Grineer comes to light. Wearing heavy armor and adorned in red cloth, the Kuva Guardians are among the fighting elite in the Queens' army. Beware: mischievous Jester-like creatures that are quick to attack and are quite deadly often accompany them.

• NEW WEAPONS: Dominate new enemies with these powerful new Weapons:

- Twin Rogga – Dual pistols capable of assassinating targets from a distance as well as in combat.

- Zarr – Akin to a sci-fi musket, this heavy-hitting weapon that packs enough power to kill multiple enemies or even larger enemies at point-blank range with a single shot.

- Kesheg – A shimmering, ornate melee staff that is extremely dangerous up close.

NEW CUSTOMIZATIONS: Give your Warframes, Landing Crafts and Companions a new look with a new Syandana, Sugatra, Armor and Skins.

NEW MISSION TYPE: In the new mission type ‘Assault,’ players engage in a multi-stage stealth and action mission where they breach an enemy base in an asteroid field to prevent an attack.

If you would like to give 'The War Within' update a try and see what it has to offer, do bear in mind that its currently only available for the PC version. As for the consoles, they'll be getting this update in the "following weeks", though no specific date has been given just yet. And finally, if you've never played Warframe but the idea of being a space ninja appeals to you, head over to the official website. Its a completely free download, so you might as well give it a try. Have fun!

Warframe The War Within update artwork showing off new enemies