Warframe screenshot of the open world content and a trader

Warframe's second annual TennoCon convention has now come and gone, bringing with it some rather intriguing announcements. Throughout the event the developers showed off new weapons, the long-awaited Umbra Warframe, the next Prime Warframe, and also an expansion centered entirely around MMO-like open-world content!

The Plains of Eidolon, the very first of these new regions, will feature hand-crafted environments with a day-night cycle, as well as a diverse population of friendly and hostile NPCs. For example, during the day you will most likely encounter traditional enemies such as the Grineer, while night time will bring with it enormous creatures called the Eidolons - something Warframe has not seen as of yet.

Much like Guild Wars 2, each instance of the Plains of Eidolon will support around 50 players, after which you'll group up into standard teams of four and venture out into the wilderness. Naturally, you won't just be running across deserts and mountains like a crazy person, but rather you will be able to fly around with your Archwing! Combat will mostly be done on the ground level, as you would expect, but you will be able to provide at least a little bit of support for your fellow players as you fly over them.

That's pretty much it as far as currently available information goes, but if you're interested in learning a few more tidbits I'd recommend heading over to the official recap. And as a final note, here's a lengthy gameplay demo showcasing the Plains of Eidolon. Enjoy!