Warframe's space cats - Kavats

After what feels like an entire year in development, Warframe has finally received the much-needed Star Chart update. No longer will new and old players alike stare in utter confusion at a constantly spinning circle of poorly marked levels.

Besides the Star Chart rework, the Specters of the Rail update brings with it brand new companions, a race of space cats called the Kavats, as well as numerous improvements to the Archwing game mode, a visual redesign of the marketplace, and the merger between void and normal missions. Here's a trailer to illustrate all of that with some pretty pictures:


Since this update is downright massive, and since it meddles with nearly every aspect of the game, trying to summarize it would be a rather herculean effort. Instead, if you're interested in all of the details I would suggest you head over to the official website, the developers have done a great job of explaining what was changed and why.

If you've never played Warframe, but this update piqued your interested because it contains space kitties, I would heartily suggest you give it a try, ideally with a couple of friends. Even though I don't play Warframe anymore, mostly because I've gotten bored with it after 500 hours, its still one of the best co-op run & gun shooters I've played in a very long time. With plenty of enemies to shoot, and an even bigger variety of weapons to shoot them with, Warframe is pure and simple fun. Most importantly, however, its completely free without any pay-2-win elements, so give it a try, you might just find it to your liking.

Warframe's new and improved Star Chart