The Walking Dead Onslaught official artwork with logo

When The Walking Dead : Saints & Sinners was first announced, many were skeptical. Not only was it yet another zombie-focused VR game, but it was also a tie-in for a TV show that's past its prime. The odds were heavily stacked against it, yet Saints & Sinners persevered and ended up being genuinely awesome, even when you ignored The Walking Dead connection.

So when it was time for The Walking Dead Onslaught to step into the spotlight, people were a lot more receptive to the idea. Sadly, that did very little to help Onslaught and its recent launch on PC and PSVR given that most of the user reviews are currently extremely savage.

From what I can tell, the main issues appear to be related to the somewhat floaty controls, lack of content, poor gunplay, and as you can probably tell by watching any playthrough on Youtube, some hilariously odd voice acting. Whether it's all as bad as some of the reviews are saying, I honestly doubt it, but even so this is an unfortunate step back from the high standard Saints & Sinners set for not only The Walking Dead games, but zombie-based VR games in general.

So if you're willing to accept a bit of advice, I'd recommend waiting and seeing if the upcoming patches can sort out some of the issues. While Onslaught will likely never be genuinely amazing due to how limited its content is, with enough gameplay tweaks I can see it becoming a nice little distraction whenever you feel like slicing and dicing through some zombie hordes. However, there is still a lot of work to be done before it reaches that point, so it's probably best to just keep an eye on it from afar.

You can learn more about The Walking Dead Onslaught, as well as follow its future updates, over at Steam. And just for good measure, I'll leave you with one of the gameplay trailers. Enjoy!