Rock the Cabinet 2015 has you choosing the best Starcraft 2 Arcade map

To say that Starcraft 2 had a messed up custom map system when it first launched would be one hell of an understatement but over the years Blizzard has seen the error of their ways and went through a lot of effort to finally make it in to something worthy of its predecessor, Warcraft 3.

In order to celebrate a successful year for the Starcraft 2 Arcade Blizzard has recently launched the Rock the Cabinet 2015 contest where you will get to vote on your favorite Arcade map from the pool of 10 nominees and potentially win some nifty prizes. Here's a video briefly going over the nominated maps and how you can quality for the rewards:


The three grand prize winners will be receiving a Gigabyte gaming laptop and the ten runner-ups a Pylon USB charger & Probe plushie (which is extremely cute). As you can see there aren't that many prizes but when the best way of qualifying for them is simply playing some fun custom maps and doing a few votes I think you can let that one slide.

The contest will end on January 15th after which we will have the final five nominees that will then be voted on in a future contest to see what Arcade map will be crowned the "Best of 2015".

If you want to give any of them a try but don't own Starcraft 2 there's no reason to worry as the Arcade (among a few other Starcraft 2 features) is completely free in trial edition so you can play them to your hearts content for as long as you want.

Have fun and don't forget to vote for your favorite!