Canceled PSP game Saint's Row: Undercover has been released for free and you can play it now on the PC

If you don't frequent Twitch then you might not know that Volition developers like to stream themselves messing around with prototype/developer versions of their various games, usually to hilarious results.

During a recent stream they showcased the canceled PSP prototype Saint's Row: Undercover which despite bearing the prototype tag seemed quite close to completion. And after many, many requests Volition opted to release the full game for free on Unseen64, a website dedicated to preserving canceled and unseen games. 

Here's the download link and instructions:

The whole process is fairly simple. First of all you will need a PSP emulator, the one recommended by Unseen64 is PPSSPP. Many have tried running the game on a modded PSP with limited success so if you're looking for consistency stick with the emulator. The actual game itself can be found here as a 430MB large .ISO file which you will then need to open with your emulator of choice and voila.

Saints Row: Undercover was initially a port of Saints Row 2 for the PSP but over the course of its development evolved in to an entirely new game with its on quirks, plot and characters. The story takes place between Saints Row 1 and 2 with The Saints gang amidst a civil war that has divided the city.

You play as an undercover cop who joins the Third Street Saints with the intent of investigating the ongoing civil war which will require some careful balancing between your loyalty to the police and the gang.

I haven't given it a try personally so I can't say whether its worth the time and effort but its a chance to peek in to the history of the Saints Row franchise and for some that might be enough.