Lead and Gold screenshot of a giant explosion in progress

Before Fatshark became famous with War of the Roses and Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide they created Lead and Gold - a fairly enjoyable third-person shooter set in the Wild West. However, as is the case with most indie multiplayer games, Lead and Gold's playerbase slowly but surely moved on to greener pastures, making the already niche shooter practically deserted.

As such, I am very glad to say that Fatshark is now giving away 1 million copies of Lead and Gold in order to make its servers active once more, and also to help promote the upcoming Vermintide 2. If you're interested simply head on over to the official website, jump through the usual bunch of hoops, and you'll be shooting outlaws in the face in no time!

I haven't played Lead and Gold in nearly a decade so I can't exactly tell you whether it holds up, but I can say that I remember it being a good bit of fun. Not something you'd want to play all day, but still highly enjoyable in short bursts. And since that kind of a recommendation tells you absolutely nothing about the game itself, allow me to send you off with the 2009 gameplay trailer. Enjoy!