Vermintide 2 screenshot of Sienna burning chaos warriors

Warhammer: Vermintide 2, a game I found myself reviewing quite positively, launched on March 8th with a large amount of bugs in tow, a significant portion of which have by now been fixed because Fatshark has managed to issue four major updates in less than two weeks! The latest Update 1.0.4. has finally fixed the various crashes and bugs surrounding the Skittergate level, made the Burblespue Halescourge boss fight much more manageable, as well as removed the completely random and completely insane difficulty spikes across all skill levels.

The Skittergate changes are mostly just bug fixes, though there are a couple of minor nerfs to the final boss as it simply spawned too many Elite enemies to reliably contend with. A similar change has happened with Mr. Burblespue as well, though he has also received a variety of nerfs to his spells in order to make them actually avoidable by dodging. As a result, both maps are now significantly more enjoyable to play, especially on Legend difficulty where even a single 'free' hit from a boss is usually enough to ruin someone's day.

In order to prevent random difficulty spikes there is now a smoother distribution of Elite and Special enemies in general. As such, there are now a few less armored enemies on higher difficulties, and there is also a reduced chance to spawn entire swarms of disabling Specials. Perhaps most importantly for Legend difficulty, the amount of horde waves and their attack frequency has been increased, so once the Skaven start coming in, don't expect them to stop any time soon!

Other changes include a slight nerf to the Bile Troll mini-boss, over 2000 new localized subtitles for voice overs, a fix to the Beam Staff's highly exploitable crit bug, as well as the removal of the Leech Sorcerer's pimp slap that did damage the moment he teleported next to someone. Long story short, this update has made Vermintide 2 noticeably more fun to play without actually making it any easier on the higher difficulties!

You can read about all of the changes, as well as the previous patches, over at Steam.