Vermintide 2 Shade fighting against a Troll

Steam has quite recently changed the way it handles download region selection and matchmaking geolocation, all in an effort to ensure that multiplayer matches are created with as little ping difference between the players as possible. Unfortunately, these changes have resulted in Vermintide 2's matchmaking system becoming incredibly slow and inconsistent, especially in regions with lower populations.

While the Vermintide 2 devs are still working on tweaking their system to avoid this issue entirely, they have now introduced a small workaround - a new option that lets you extend how far the in-game matchmaking will look before giving up and making you host. It's obviously not an ideal solution and you might end up in matches with noticeably more lag than before, but it will ensure that you actually find a game to play in rather than simply leave you standing around in the keep.

I would also advise changing your download region to the most popular and suitable nearby location as this will make matchmaking much faster. For those of you in Europe, I've had the most success with Frankfurt in terms of playerbase and ping, so I would highly recommend you give it a try yourself as well.

Once more information becomes available, or if Fatshark manages to fix the problem on their end, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, good luck with your rat-slaying!