Warhammer: Vermintide 2 screenshot of Bardin fighting Chaos Warriors

As I've mentioned in my review, Vermintide 2 is an exemplary sequel and a highly enjoyable game in its own right, but unfortunately its Legend difficulty has also been the source of much frustration for me these past few weeks. Not because of the difficulty, mind you, but rather because of bugged enemy spawns that would result in nearly unwinnable scenarios simply appearing in front of my party and killing us instantly.

With that in mind, I hope you can understand just how delighted I am to say that today's Update 1.0.7 has now fixed the vast majority of these problems! Patrols will now spawn further away from players in order to give them time to react, special enemies will now spawn with a slightly longer delay between them, Globadiers will no longer instantly throw their poison the moment they spawn, and the list goes on for a while. Long story short, most of the unfair and quite frankly cheap attacks have been changed in order to make them more consistent and counterable.

On a similar note, the attack range on Savages (the half-naked dual wielding Chaos dudes) has been reduced by around 13% in order to have their attack range match their actual animations. Chaos Warriors and Maulers (the Chaos dudes with black hoods) will now take up more space so they won't stack into tight-knit balls of rage and axes, and perhaps most importantly, they will consider how many enemies are around the player before initiating a running attack. In other words, you will now actually have a chance to strike back if you're being chased by more than 2 of the Chaos elite enemies, instead of just having to constantly back away because you're being constantly slammed by high-speed running attacks.

Chaos Warriors from Vermintide 2

Expect to see more of these types of attacks from the Chaos forces

The update has also slightly nerfed the Falchion by removing some of its anti-armor damage, buffed Axes in order to give them better cleaving potential, as well as greatly buffed the Handgun and Crossbow weapons. There is no easy way to summarize these changes since it's all about numbers, so if you're interested you can find all of the details over at Steam.

And as a little teaser, Fatshark has also revealed that on Thursday (May 3rd) we'll be getting a huge beta patch (around 22GB) on Steam. While the details are still unknown, Fatshark has stated that we can expect to see a large amount of optimizations and bug fixes. Hopefully a few more cosmetics as well, because the Warhammer world sure could use more fancy hats!