Vermintide 1 screenshot from the Drachenfels map

[Update]: Vermintide 2's Season 2 update has now arrived alongside a brand new map and a much better way of acquiring new cosmetics.

Fatshark has recently announced that Vermitnide 2 will be getting a whole bunch of new content throughout Season 2. You can expect to see three remastered Vermintide 1 maps, Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders as a way to acquire a variety of cosmetics, plenty of improvements to the recently added Weave system, and naturally, a whole bunch of bug fixes and general improvements.

If that sounds like something you would love to mess around with, you'll be glad to hear that Season 2 will be heading into open beta on December 16th! The beta will bring with it Old Haunts as the first of the three free maps, Lohner's Emporium, as well as the numerous improvements to the Weaves, including the ability to 'Quick Play' them which should greatly decrease queue times.

As always, your progress between the two versions will carry over, so feel free to beta test the new content without worrying about losing out on any loot or cosmetics. Speaking of which, the beta will have a cap on how many Shillings (in-game currency used to purchase the new cosmetics) you can earn in order to make it fair to those outside of the beta. Your Shillings are going to carry over as well, naturally, though if Fatshark discovers any sort of major exploit there might be a bit of a rollback.

You can read more about Fatshark's plans for the future, as well as keep an eye on more beta news, over at Steam and the official FAQ.