Vermintide 2 close up screenshot of Kerillian's Shade career

Vermintide 2's most recent and rather massive Update 1.0.8 brought with it a variety of bug fixes, balance changes, performance improvements, as well as tweaks to map geometry in order to prevent enemies from shooting through terrain. While all of that was and still is pretty darn good, the update unfortunately also brought with it some absolutely crushing nerfs to Kerillian's Shade career and Kruber's Executioner Greatsword.

With that last part in mind, I am very glad to announce that those changes were apparently a result of a bug, and as such have now been reverted! Not only that, but the Shade's somewhat lacking Dual Daggers have now been buffed even further, thus making them into the ultimate boss-killing weapon. They're still fairly mediocre against hordes, but at least now they have a considerable upside that might convince you to take them over the Dual Swords or Glaive.

Speaking of which, the Glaive has also had a portion of its nerf reverted. Instead of its headshot multiplier being 1, it's not 1.25. What exactly this means in gameplay terms, I'm afraid I have absolutely no idea, but if I were to hazard a guess this is going to allow the Glaive to once again one-shot Stormvermin with a well-placed headshot on the second charged attack. As for its damage against Chaos Warriors, that is going to need a bit of testing before anyone can really tell.

You can find the full list of changes, including the fixes for some of the most recent crashing issues, over at Steam. Have fun with the new-old Shade!