Vermintide 2 screenshot of a grudge marked rat ogre

[Update]: Vermintide 2's December DLC has added the Warrior Priest career alongside a bunch of weapons.

Unlike some of the previous events which only brought in a fancy new portrait frame to collect, this year's Geheimnisnacht themed Halloween event is far more substantial. Not only are there ritual sites spread across the various maps that offer a rather considerable challenge to overcome, but there are also a whole bunch of weapon cosmetics to collect along the way.

While all of the unclaimed Halloween stuff will be going away once the Geheimnisnacht event ends on November 7th, there is one part of this update that will be around forever - Grudge Marks. These are currently only a part of the free Chaos Wastes expansion, and they essentially function as a way to beef up the difficulty by giving bosses additional modifiers.

The higher the difficulty, the more modifiers the bosses can have, with Cataclysm giving them 1-3 at seemingly random. These modifiers can create mirror images of the boss to confuse players, make attack break shields and prevent stamina regeneration, or even make the boss itself completely immune to ranged damage!

Needless to say, beating up these beefed up bosses is a fairly tricky affair, though it's well worth doing as there are 15 new armor skins up for grabs through themed achievements. Combine all of this with the aforementioned Geheimnisnacht cosmetics, and you should be busy for quite a while with this event!

Have fun with the new content, and if you would like to learn a little bit more about any aspect of the update I'd recommend heading over to the Vermintide 2 website.