Vermintide 2 screenshot of the Shade from up close

As I've mentioned throughout my review, Vermintide 2 is an immensely enjoyable game that is unfortunately being held back by an overly grindy and ridiculously random loot system. If you're wondering just how grindy we're talking about, let's just say that I've played Vermintide 2 for hundreds of hours and I still don't have any of my favorite cosmetics, namely Kerillian's red dual daggers and Shade's skull mask.

While the cosmetic hats still remain about as rare as pure gold, I am very happy to announce that Fatshark will soon be implementing a way to craft specific veteran/red items. No details have been given just yet, but after the most recent update the option to salvage red items has been disabled, indicating that they are working on some sort of 'red dust' system to complement the already existing crafting methods.

In my eyes this would be the ideal solution as not only would it solve the overabundance of necklaces/charms/trinkets, but it would also give players a chance to target the specific items they're interested in. So instead of having to continue opening boxes on a hero you have nearly everything unlocked in order to get that incredibly rare item, under the new system you could just do whatever you want and still acquire some fancy items in a reasonable fashion.

Once Fatshark reveals more information about this new crafting system, or just releases the update itself, I'll make sure to let you know. If you feel like being a bit proactive, you can also keep an eye on the official website for any further news or developer comments.