Team Fortress 2 screenshot of a comical explosion scene

After Valve stopped actively working on Team Fortress 2 a couple of years ago, it slowly but surely started getting filled up with hackers and cheaters. Their presence eventually became such a massive hindrance to pretty much every public server that the community decided to stage a protest in order to get Valve's attention.

In a bit of an unexpected twist given how hard it is to get Valve to say anything, the protest actually worked incredibly well and Valve announced that they are working on a solution. After about of month in the oven the update was finally unleashed, and apparently it was so incredibly effective that Team Fortress 2 lost around 30,000 'players' immediately after it went live! Best of all, while the cheaters never returned in any great numbers, many of the long-lost Team Fortress 2 players did!

This is usually where the story would end, after all we already have our happy ending, but instead Valve has decided to keep things going by unleashing a second update aimed at fixing another batch of bugs, exploits and performance problems. The highlights include improved lag compensation when melee-ing teammates, a fix for the Iron Bomber's over-inflated projectile size, as well as the return of the 'mat_picmip' command that allows you to really crank the texture resolution.

You can check out the full list of changes, as well as learn more about Team Fortress 2 if you've somehow managed to avoid it all these years, over at Steam. Enjoy!