Dota 2's Monkey King and his illusions

After being rumored and teased for well over two years now, Valve has finally decided to spill the beans on the two new heroes: Underlord (aka Pit lord, aka Abyssal Underlord) and Monkey King.

Since Underlord is a fairly well known face among the Dota 2 scene, or at least among those that played Dota 1, let's start with the trailer for the brand new Monkey King:


What exactly his spells will be, I have no idea, but the Monkey King will be coming to Dota 2 this fall. There are also rumors that he will be arriving alongside a seasonal event of some sorts, which does make sense given how Valve has done hero reveals in the past, but so far these rumors are just that, rumors.

As for the Underlord, he had a much more... interesting reveal, as you'll see in the Youtube clip below:


If you were hoping to get your hands on Underlord as soon as possible, you're in luck as Valve has announced that he will be unleashed upon Dota 2 on August 23rd, a mere two weeks away!

While you wait for the Underlord to finally appear, why not "waste" a few hours watching The International 2016 Grand Finale. The matches so far have been an absolute joy to behold, with some pretty damn unexpected upsets to boot, so the Grand Finale is most likely going to continue the trend and deliver some more amazing Dota 2 games. The event will begin in 1 hour, so do make sure to tune in!