Dota Underlords official artwork and logo

[Update]: Valve has now released a preview for Dota Underlords's "Big Update" which will accompany the full release.

Unlike most other Valve games, Dota Underlords has enjoyed an extremely fast update schedule. New features are being added patch after patch, heroes are frequently shuffled through the power tiers, the balance is almost constantly shifting, and naturally, the groundwork is being laid for a whole bunch of cosmetics to enter the scene.

As such, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Valve has plenty of other interesting new additions planned for both the current Season 0, as well as the upcoming Season 1. Here's a brief rundown of what Valve has announced so far:

Duos Game Mode

In the next week or two we'll be introducing a new game mode we've been calling Duos (well we've actually been calling it Battle Buddies, but Duos seems a bit more professional). Duos is a new way to play Underlords cooperatively with a friend - just party up and battle against 3 other teams. Supports Casual and Ranked version.


We're also going to introduce Underlords to the game in a few weeks. The team is really excited about this feature - these Underlords are a core part of the game and we think they will add a layer of fun and strategy to every match.

UI and other Improvements

Massive changes are also coming to our UI, especially on the PC, based on feedback and also to accommodate our new features.

Heroes and Alliances

Lastly, we'll soon be introducing new heroes and alliances, expanding the roster and creating new and interesting ways to play Underlords. In addition to this we'll continue looking for feedback and tweaking game balance throughout all of these updates.

Before you get too excited about any specific feature, it is worth mentioning that things might change with time, either due to community feedback or internal testing. It's unlikely any of it will actually get canceled, but don't be too upset if any of the bigger additions end up getting slightly delayed. After all, as long as Dota Underlords remains fun, the wait will be well worth it!

You can read more about Valve's plans for Dota Underlords, as well as follow development moving forward, by hopping over to Steam.