Valkyrie Elysium official artwork and logo

Quite a few years have gone by since the last mainline Valkyrie Profile game, but I'm happy to say that the series is now in the process of making a (hopefully) triumphant return with Valkyrie Elysium. Developed by Soleil Games and published by Square Enix, the freshly announced Valkyrie Elysium will be an action-RPG heavily steeped in Norse mythology.

While the details are basically nonexistent right now, you can expect to see a fast-paced combat system based around various abilities, combos and finishing moves. As is tradition, you will then have to utilize all of these tools and tricks in order to beat back overwhelming numbers of enemies, as well as bosses that are a fair bit bigger and stronger than you are.

What all of this looks like in actual gameplay, as well as what the story might be about, that you can get some idea of through the recently posted trailer. Have a look:

No exact release date has been set just yet, but you can expect to see Valkyrie Elysium land onto PC and PlayStation at some point in 2022. Once we get more information and ideally a release date, I'll make sure to let you know.

For now, however, you can read a little bit more about Valkyrie Elysium over at the official website. Enjoy!

Valkyrie Elysium screenshot of a sunny, flower-filled field

Valkyrie Elysium screenshot of a fire attack against an enemy