Goat Simulator 3 screenshot of a cute goat and a horrific explosion happening behind it

If you're in the mood for a nonsensical sandbox game that doesn't take itself even remotely seriously, you might be interested to hear that Goat Simulator 3 has now landed onto PC, PlayStation and Xbox. As you would expect from a sequel that has skipped over '2' and went straight for '3', Goat Simulator 3 is a significantly bigger, intentionally stupider and far more bombastic version of the original.

The biggest and most important difference between the two games is that Goat Simulator 3 has brought with it both online and local multiplayer! So rather than try to cause chaos all on your own, something that gets tiresome after a while since jokes are best shared with friends, you can now invite up to three players to join you on a co-op adventure or a tussle in a variety of mini-games.

Since words alone can't even begin to describe the true insanity that lies within Goat Simulator 3, allow me to share with you the launch trailer. It should clue you in quite quickly on whether Goat Simulator 3 is your type of sandbox game. Have a gander:

Before you decide on whether to dive into Goat Simulator 3 or not, it's important to mention that both it and its predecessor are the type of games that require you to work with them in order to be entertaining. If you simply go through the motions and complete the various objectives as they are presented to you, chances are you'll get very bored, very quickly with the overall lack of structure. But if you're willing to mess around and create your own fun, then you should be able to get a kick out of Goat Simulator 3, even if it the whole thing only stays fresh and interesting for a short while.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter may be, you can learn more about Goat Simulator 3 and its particular flavor of madness over at the official website. Enjoy!

Goat Simulator 3 screenshot of an explosion launching a pig into the air

Goat Simulator 3 screenshot of a goat dragging a scarecrow with its tongue

Goat Simulator 3 screenshot of a completely ridiculous and over-the-top action scene