After the success of the Leviathans Story Pack Paradox has decided to tackle another sci-fi favorite - the concept of utopia and its various interpretations. The expansion will bring with it a variety of new ways to developer your empire, everything ranging from keeping intergalactic peace to crafting your very own Warhammer 40,000 themed Empire hellbent on purging the world of chaos and disorder. There will also be a new megastructures to build, special perks to unlock, new policies to meddle with, as well as a whole bunch of other minor features.

If you're a bit confused by that description, allow me to show you the recently posted teaser trailer. There is unfortunately no actual gameplay, but it should give you a good idea of what sort of themes Utopia is going for. Have a look:

Stellaris: Utopia will be arriving this April 6th at a €20/$20 price tag. There are pretty much no details available right now, so I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you with this tiny list of key features from the initial announcement:

• Megastructures: Build wondrous structures in your systems including Dyson Spheres and ring worlds, bringing both prestige and major advantages to your race.

Habitat Stations: Build “tall” and establish space stations that will house more population, serving the role of planets in a small and confined empire.

Traditions: Collect Unity points and adopt ideas and bonuses that will ease your species’ expansion across the stars, unlocking special perks for completing a set.

Rights and Privileges: Set specific policies for which of the many species under your thumb will have the rights and privileges of full citizenship.