Anno 2070 official artwork and logo for city-building game

Once October 1st, 2022 rolls around, Ubisoft will be shutting down online functionality for a whole bunch of their older games, and this also includes Anno 2070. While mostly a singleplayer game, Anno 2070 has a couple of fun onlines features like World Events and Council Elections that can significantly shake up the status quo, so having all of that go away would've been a devastating blow.

Thankfully, that won't be happening as the Anno 2070 devs have now returned to the game for one last patch! The freshly released Update 3.0 has decoupled Anno 2070 from the Ubisoft servers, and in doing so ensured its online functionality will remain active for many years to come. Best of all, the update has also ported Anno 2070 to 64bit, which should make the whole online system a fair bit smoother than before.

The one bit of bad news is that the recently delisted DLCs have not made a reappearance. So if you were planning to grab one or two to complement your playthrough, I'm afraid you're out of luck as all of them are now "no longer available on the Steam store."

The Anno 2070 Complete Edition that contains all of the DLC is still available for sale, however, though given the state of the DLCs I have no idea if the collection will actually give you access to all of the content or not. So if you're going to dive in, make sure to check if everything is in order before you go past that 2 hour mark since that way you can simply refund your purchase without any sort of hassle.

Whatever the case may be, you can learn more about Anno 2070's update, as well as check out some of the newer player reviews, over at Steam. Enjoy!