Underworld Ascendant screenshot of the glade area

Despite being fairly popular back in their heyday, dungeon-crawling RPGs like Ultima Underworld have sadly become an extreme rarity these days. There is some hope on the horizon, however, as Underworld Ascendant promises to be the next-generation follow-up to the Ultima Underworld series. What this means in gameplay terms is that you can expect a deep storyline that responds to your actions, a diverse set of abilities and spells to decimate your enemies with, as well as an absolutely massive dungeon realm to explore.

The details are still in short supply so I'm afraid I can't really offer you much on that front, but what I can share is the recently posted trailer showcasing Underworld Ascendant's visuals and overall style. Its not a very long video, but it should at least give you a general idea of what to expect from Underworld Ascendant. But enough babble, here's the video:

Underworld Ascendant is set to arrive at some point in 2018, though no release date has been given just yet. If you would like to learn more I would suggest heading over to either Steam or the official website, but do keep in mind that since its still under heavy development there isn't much available as of right now. And finally, here's a couple of images just to set the mood:

Screenshot of the city from Underworld Ascendant

Screenshot of a skeleton from Underworld Ascendant

Screenshot of lush greenery from Underworld Ascendant