Undertale screenshot showcasing the library

Undertale, the Internet's darling RPG and one of the rare few games that actually managed to completely blindside me with its quality, is now available on Linux and SteamOS. As an added bonus, its also currently on a 33% discount, so if you were ever interested in giving it a try, now would be the best time to do so.

As for why you should spend your hard earned money and time on it, that's not an easy question to answer without ruining the whole experience. To put it simply, however, Undertale is a charming RPG filled with unique and interesting characters, a kickass soundtrack, and a world that constantly changes due to your actions, be they positive or negative. Here's the trailer to hopefully give you an idea of what I'm talking about:


If you do decide to grab Undertale heed my advice and play it like its a newly released Dark Souls game, by which I mean avoid the wiki and various online forums like the plague until you've completed at least a couple of playthroughs. Your future self will thank you profoundly!