Rainbow Six Siege's now-canceled visual alterations

Ubisoft is currently working on expanding Rainbow Six Siege into various Asian countries, and in order to make the whole process easier for them they recently announced that they will be censoring skulls, gambling machines and blood for all versions. As you might imagine, this did not exactly go over well with the western Rainbow Six Siege community as not only were the changes silly, but some of them had actual gameplay impact as entire environmental pieces were removed.

Thankfully, after quite a few days of negative feedback, Ubisoft has now announced that they will be reverting all of the aesthetic changes. This also includes players in the Asia region, so as of the Wind Bastion update everyone will be playing on the same version. Chances are there will be some changes going forward, especially as Rainbow Six Siege establishes itself in China, but luckily it doesn't look like any of these tweaks will affect the other regions.

There's nothing I can say about this whole mess that hasn't been said a thousand times over, so what I will instead mention is that this is a prime example of why you should voice your complaints and push to make the game better. If nobody complained Ubisoft would've simply gone ahead and removed bits and pieces of Rainbow Six Siege in order to appease silly censorship laws. But they didn't, and they didn't because a large portion of the community rallied against them and made it loud and clear that such a thing will not be tolerated. 

In other words, never be disheartened if your favorite game starts going down the wrong path. Just speak up and see if you can help the developers realize what exactly it is that the community wants. After all, you're all in the same ship together, and it's in everyone's best interest for it to keep sailing forward all nice and smooth!

My little bit of rambling aside, you can learn more about Ubisoft's plans for Rainbow Six Siege's future by visiting the official website.