Rainbow Six Siege Operation Velvet Shell Operators official artwork

While it's by no means perfect, Ubisoft has done a stellar job with Rainbow Six Siege over the years. They transformed it from a buggy and somewhat mediocre shooter to one of the most played games on Steam, all through power of constant updates and developers that actually listen to the community. As such, I am happy to announced that Rainbow Six Siege has now surpassed 30 million registered players across all platforms!

“On behalf of the entire team, we wanted to thank every member of our diverse, global community for their support of our game. Our players are the most valuable element to our game. Over the last three years we have endeavoured to create a solid community built on transparency as we grow and evolve the ever-expanding world of Rainbow Six Siege,” said Alexandre Remy, Brand Director for Rainbow Six Siege. “We are so tremendously honoured to achieve this milestone, and we will continue to do everything we can to earn each and every new person that decides to play.”

As far as the eSports side of things is concerned, Rainbow Six Siege's 2018 Invitational saw a rather impressive record peak of 321,000 concurrent viewers. In total, viewers spent more than 6.2 million hours watching the tournament across various channels, which most likely translates to about 60 billion Kappas spammed over the course of the event. I can only hope Rainbow Six Siege will have even greater success in the future as it's a perfect example of how post-launch support can be used to revitalize games that would otherwise be doomed to mediocrity.

If you would like to give Rainbow Six Siege a try for yourself, or just learn a little bit more about it, you should head on over to either Steam or the official website. Just make sure not to buy the "Starter Edition" as it's a massive trap for beginners that will gladly waste your time as you attempt to acquire a good selection of Operators. Enjoy!