Ubisoft's Roller Champions artwork without logo

One of the most common complaints for Ubisoft tends to be about how similar all of their games feel - criticism they seem to have taken to heart as the upcoming Roller Champions is certainly quite different. To put it simply, Roller Champions is a PvP-focused sports game where two teams of three roller skaters compete to score as many goals as possible, all the while smashing into each other. It's a bit similar to Rocket League in concept, though the actual gameplay doesn't follow the same sort of formula.

Since trying to explain these types of games through words alone is mostly a pointless task, allow me to share with you two of the recent trailers. The first is a cinematic one that highlights the general premise behind Roller Champions, while the second one shows off a bit of the gameplay. Have a look:

If any of that looks like something you might be interested in, it's well worth mentioning that Roller Champions will be holding a closed alpha test from March 11-23. You can sign up for a chance at entry, as well as learn more about Roller Champions in general, over at the official website.

Needless to say, the alpha build of Roller Champions will be a bit rough around the edges and might not even represent what the final version will look like. So if you're planning to dive in, make sure you to give Ubisoft some much-needed feedback so they can figure out what works, what needs fixing, and what should be removed entirely.

Have fun!