Official concept art from James Cameron's Avatar movie

Ubisoft has recently come out to announce that they are working on a brand new game for PC and consoles set in James Cameron's Avatar universe. What exactly inspired them to create a movie tie-in nearly eight years too late, I don't know, but if nothing else the Avatar universe certainly seems like an interesting place to roam around in.

Development will be headed by Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment, a studio you might recognize for their work on The Division. While I didn't find The Division that amazing I am still glad Massive is behind the wheel, because when it comes to post-launch support and extra content they are one more dedicated studios under Ubisoft's banner.

Since the Avatar game is fairly early in development there is basically no actual information to share, but if you're interested in what Massive has to say about the project you will find the recently posted announcement video right below. Have a look:

If you would like to stay in the loop and follow Avatar's development you should head over to Massive's website. Right now you won't find very much information on display, but as the project grows and expands there's bound to be a whole bunch of developer updates and artwork to peruse.