Watch Dogs screenshot of the player hacking electrical outlets

Watch Dogs, much more so than its sequel, is a very divisive game. Some people love both its storytelling and gameplay, while others find it to be overly clunky and its characters downright unlikable. As such, its not exactly easy to justify spending €30 on it, even if you do have a bit of interest in the concept itself.

With that in mind, I am very glad to say that Ubisoft is giving away Watch Dogs for free for the next 6 days! Simply head on over to the Ubisoft website between 4pm UTC on November 7th and 4pm UTC on November 13th and you'll be able to claim yourself a free copy. Just do bear in mind that the promotion will only become active later today!

Also, don't get misled by the various "Free Trial" brandings you might find on the website or the official Twitter. Ubisoft has already confirmed this is a full copy of Watch Dogs, so if you add it to your Uplay account it will be yours forever.

And as a final note, allow me to leave you with the official launch trailer. Its a bit over-edited, but it'll hopefully still give you a decent idea of what Watch Dogs is all about. Enjoy!