For Honor close up screenshot of knights in battle

If you've ever wanted to give For Honor a try, but you ended up avoiding it due to the somewhat mixed reviews, you might be interested to hear that Ubisoft is currently giving away the Starter Edition for free. Simply head on over to Steam until August 27th, claim the Starter Edition by clicking that giant green button, and you'll be able to keep it for good.

Naturally, since this is the Starter Edition, there will be some limitations. The most important one you need to keep in mind is that only three Vanguard heroes will be available to you from the start, while the rest will need to be unlocked through various forms of currency. A little bit annoying if you're planning to seriously get into For Honor, but as far as free trials are concerned I'd say this is a pretty darn good one.

For those of you wondering whether it's actually worth giving For Honor another try this long after its release, I would say the answer is yes. For Honor is still a pretty niche game so there is a good chance you just won't like it, but Ubisoft has done an admirable job of supporting it (including adding things like dedicated servers), so I do believe it's at least worth a try. After all, it's entirely free!

And just in case you don't know what For Honor is even all about, allow me to leave you with the most recent trailer for the Arcade Mode. It's not exactly representative of the classic PvP modes, but it'll still give you a good idea of the current state of For Honor and its combat. Enjoy!