Ubisoft has recently released a two-hour long showcase of Far Cry Primal

Ubisoft sure does seem confident in Far Cry Primal given the amount of information and trailers they've shared about it so far.

During the most recent batch of news they've released the launch date & PC system requirements as well as a two-hour long community stream showcasing Far Cry Primal alongside some developer chatter. You can find the video right below:


Mind you, a lot of the video is going to be focused on developer chit-chat and interviews so if you're looking for straight up gameplay footage you'll have to do some skipping around, but at the very least there is plenty of variety so you'll definitely find something you were interested in.

Oddly enough my favorite feature of the entire video was the brief showcase of the language they've crafted for Far Cry Primal. Apparently Ubisoft had actual linguists create it and while I know nothing about linguistics it does sound rather nice, genuine and dare I say quite primal.

As for how the gameplay looks? So far its seemingly quite good though I can definitely see a lot of Far Cry in it, as you might imagine, and while the Far Cry series sports some great games I'm slightly worried that the same gameplay style might get a bit stale the third time in a row.

But I'll reserve my judgement for when Far Cry Primal actually releases which is on February 23rd for the Xbox One and PS4 with the PC version following shortly on March 1st