The church from the Far Cry 5 teaser trailer

Last week Ubisoft officially revealed Far Cry 5 in what might just be the most barren announcement of all time - just a plain logo without a single bit of text to accompany it. While today's teaser isn't much better in terms of giving out information, it at least offers plenty of ammo for speculation and some... interesting scenes to ponder over.

The official announcement trailer will arrive on May 26th, but until then here's a brief glimpse at what Hope County, Montana has to offer. Oh, and make sure to pay careful attention to the bell-ringer during the later parts of the video! You'll understand why when you get there. Anyway, here's the video:

The fact that all of this takes place in modern-day Montana means that one of the most popular rumors circulating the Internet is actually true, which I must admit is a refreshing surprise. If the rest of the rumor is to be believed we will play a rural cop (or some sort of ranger) trying to stop a deranged cult from going on a killing-spree across the land. In order to add to the atmosphere the tone of Far Cry 5 is supposedly going to be much more grounded and believable, which should help with the feeling of dread a 'stop the evil cult' type of setting requires.

Its definitely a departure from the other Far Cry games, but that's exactly what makes it so interesting, and that's exactly what Ubisoft needs right now. Their games have become far too formulaic in recent years, and having one of their main series toned down in an effort to tell a better and more concise story is definitely a step in the right direction. Whether any of this is going to end up being the case, that I'm afraid I don't know, but at least we won't have to wait for very long in order to find out!