Ghost Recon Wildlands official artwork and logo

[Update]: Ubisoft has now announced a brand new sequel to Wildlands - Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a tactical open-world shooter designed around squad-based play. You can either mess around with a couple of AI companions, or team up with your friends in order to see just what kind of chaos you can wreak upon your unsuspecting victims. It might not the best tactical shooter I've ever played, but I'd say its well worth giving it try, especially if you have a couple of friends to accompany you.

With that in mind, I am very glad to announce that Ghost Recon Wildlands will be having a free-to-play weekend from this Thursday until Sunday. The free weekend will give you access to the full game, as well as the newly introduced PvP mode called Ghost War, so it should give you a pretty damn good idea of whether this is the type of shooter you'd love to sink a lot of time into. I'm not sure if the free weekend will be available on Steam, so if you're interested make sure to head over to the Ubisoft website as the pre-load is already up and running.

If you find yourself enjoying Ghost Recon Wildlands, you might also be interested to hear that it will be on a 50% discount throughout the free trial. Naturally, your progress will carry over to the full version, so don't hesitate to muck around in the free weekend for as long as you wish. And finally, allow me to leave you with the launch trailer, just to give you a brief idea of what you're getting yourself into. Enjoy!