Screenshot from Ubisoft's Steep Alaska update

Steep is Ubisoft's extreme winter sports game that allows you to ski, glide, snowboard, or just faceplant across a nice variety of tracks and terrain. The most recent free update has added Alaska's Mount Denali alongside 21 new challenges, and in order to give everyone a chance to see what its all about Ubisoft will soon be holding a free-to-play weekend.

The free weekend will begin on March 10th at 6pm GMT, and will last all the way until March 13th at 6pm GMT. If you would like to participate simply head on over to the official website and choose your preferred platform. For those of you planning to play Steep on PC this means downloading it via Uplay.

And if you have no idea what Steep is even all about, here's the most recent trailer for the Alaska update. It showcases pretty much everything from the environments to the tricks you can pull off, so it should give you a damn good idea of what you're getting into. Enjoy!