Two Worlds 3 has been announced

Two Worlds 2 might genuinely be one of my top contenders for the very prestigious "bad game I couldn't stop playing" award. Its buggy, its imbalanced, its story is stupid, yet somehow I found myself playing through it not once, but twice in its entirety.

It would appear I'm not the only one, however, as the developers have just announced that they are working on both Two Worlds 3, and an engine rework for Two Worlds 2 along with two pieces of DLC that will pave the way for the grand sequel. 

Two Worlds 3 is currently in early development and is expected to arrive within 36 months, but as always, expect delays.

The engine rework and first piece of DLC titled as "Call of the Tenebrae" will be available at the end of Q2 2016. The story will follow the Hero's return to Antaloor where he witnesses the murder of DarPha, the female Orc Assassin that contributed mostly her "big assets" to the story. The killers, as it turns out, are a never-before-seen tribe of hideous, rat-like creatures that tend to live in the underground, control powerful new magic and suffer from delusions of grandeur by calling themselves "The Chosen".

Two Worlds 2 The Chosen race look like the Skaven

The Skaven are branching out

As for the engine update, expect to see greatly increased graphical fidelity, higher levels of character and landscape detail, longer draw distance, co-op multiplayer, and most importantly, the appearance of Two Worlds 2 on Linux and SteamOS!

If you're interested in learning more about the upcoming DLC I'd suggest heading over to the Call of the Tenebrae page, there are some intriguing pieces of lore for you to peruse over there.

Finally, if you're the type of person that can get past a few bugs, clunky gameplay mechanics, and balance issues in order to experience the most unique magic system ever designed, then I'd suggest you grab Two Worlds 2 on Steam, its currently 87% off at €2,6.

Two Worlds 2 Call of the Tenebrae giant enemies