Tracer's new victory pose has arrived

Last week we had an exquisite example of how even a simple thing can get out of hand remarkably quickly just by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, as Jeff Kaplan has learned during the Tracer uhh... butt-scandal, where a lonesome fan petitioned Blizzard to change a certain victory pose as it clashed with Tracer's personality.

After a lot of community yelling, grumbling, and mumbling the Overwatch team clarified that they were aiming to replace the taunt with something better anyway, and that the petition simply served as a good time to announce the change. The pose ended up being scrapped quickly after, but a mere week later, and its back with its brand new iteration, now with even more butt action. Here's the image, courtesy of Overpwn:

Tracer's new victory pose (Overwatch)

And just for reference, here's what the pose looked like before:

Tracer's old victory pose from Overwatch