Total War: Warhammer's Ghoul King

Its only been around a month since the Call of the Beastmen DLC arrived to Total War: Warhammer and soon enough, September 1st to be exact, we will be getting a second major piece of DLC - The Grim & The Grave. As you might expect from its name alone, the upcoming DLC brings with it two new Legendary Lords, the Empire's Volkmar the Grim and the Vampire Count's Helman Ghorst, two new lord types, the Arch Lector and the Strigoi Ghoul King, as well as a few new units and variants to toy around with.

Rather than simply talk about all of these new units and heroes, perhaps it would be for the best if you just saw the announcement trailer instead. It does a rather good job of showcasing everything The Grim & The Grave has to offer. Have a look:


If you would like to learn more about The Grim & The Grave, the units it brings and the quests/items it adds, I would suggest you head over to its Steam page. Much to my surprise, Creative Assembly has gone through a lot of effort in order to detail every single aspect of the DLC, no matter how minute.

As for the freebie stuff, you can expect to see The Grim & The Grave update bring with it five new battle maps and a Vampire Count Legendary Lord named Vlad Von Carstein. It might not be much, but to be perfectly honest the addition of new battle maps is always a welcome thing as each one brings with it a slightly different style of play. Most importantly, however, they're all free!

Arch Lictor from Total War: Warhammer