Total War: Warhammer zombie dragon

With Total War: Warhammer finally arriving tomorrow at 8am BST Creative Assembly has decided to unleash their most impressive trailer yet, one that allows you to pan around the battlefield in any direction.

If you by any chance own Google Cardboard you can use that to view the trailer in 3D, but for the rest of us a mouse pointer will do just fine. Here's the trailer itself:


Even though the quality of the trailer might be terrible due to the 360° vision its still impressive to see it used for games as it allows you to get up close and personal, just as you would in a real Total War game. If you can't bear the ugliness, however, never fear as there is a 2D trailer available as well, you can find it here.

As for Total War: Warhammer, I'll have a review up later today (the review is now up, you can find it here), but sufficed to say its my favorite Total War game so far. There are some issues with magic, iffy AI, downright broken diplomacy, and a couple of niggling annoyance with performance, but overall I can only say that I had a great deal of fun leading the undead hordes of Sylvania towards ultimate victory.