Total War: Warhammer Vampire Counts faction vs Dwarves

If you're interested in playing a complex and morally ambiguous race then look elsewhere as the Vampire Counts are as mustache-twirling evil as it gets. Even pronouncing their name really quickly leads to an insult!

What they do have, however, is countless hordes of undead, extremely large shoulder pads, zombie dragons, and an amazingly well done in-engine trailer. Have a look, its 3 full minutes of the best kind of cheesiness:


The Vampire Counts are the fourth, and final launch, faction for Total War: Warhammer along with the Empire, Orks and Dwarves.

Led by Mannfred von Carstein, arch necromancer and the biggest *cough* among the Vampire Counts, the Sylvanian hordes consist of all manner of abominations, everything ranging from the freshly raised dead to the colossal bat-winged monstrosities, and naturally, zombie dragons. The goal of the Vampire Counts is plain and simple, they seek to bring death and destruction to all they find unworthy, which unfortunately for everyone else consists of the entire world.

If you're interested in how exactly all of that works in gameplay, you're in luck because Creative Assembly are currently streaming a couple of hours of vampire-filled goodness.

Total War: Warhammer will be arriving for Windows and Mac on May 24th, a slight delay compared to the previously announced release date.