Total War: Warhammer Archaeon the Everchosen

Total War: Warhammer has a lot of paid DLC, there is no denying that fact, but many people tend to overlook the amount of free content added with each update. Since launch Creative Assembly has added a ton of new maps, a brand new map editor with Steam Workshop support, two new factions to play against on the world map, a bunch of Legendary Lords and units, as well as a whole host of new magic to mess around.

While the volume of all of the content should speak for itself, apparently Creative Assembly is still getting enough hate-mail to warrant creating a "Free Content Montage" video. So if you're interested in a bit of... unique video that covers all of the new additions to Total War: Warhammer you'll find it right below. Have a look:

If you already own Total War: Warhamer and are currently wondering why you don't have some of this DLC, the answer is that you need to download it manually. For some stupid reason the free DLC isn't bundled into the main download so you have to grab all of them one by one, but thankfully the free stuff is good enough to be worth all the trouble.

On the other hand, if you don't own Total War: Warhammer but feel like it might be something you'll enjoy, you'll currently find it on a 50% discount on Steam. The sale will only run until March 20th, so if you're going to grab a copy make sure to do it as soon as possible. Have fun!