Total War: Warhammer's official Battle Map Editor screenshot

Creative Assembly recently opened up the beta for Terry, Total War: Warhamer's Battle Map Editor that allows you to create pretty much any type of battle map. It features all of the props and environment models from Total War: Warhammer, as well as a full library of SFX and VFX for you to toy around with. But most importantly, all of this is linked to the Steam Workshop so sharing and downloading user-created maps is going to be as easy as a single click of a button.

The only issue I had with the original announcement was the simple fact that user-created maps could only work in custom and multiplayer battles. In other words, you couldn't create new types of sieges and then put those into the campaign to spice up your playthrough. Well, according to the latest announcement, this is no longer the case!

Once the Battle Map Editor arrives on February 28th you'll be able to not only put your battle maps into the campaign itself, but also decide where and how they'll show up. But rather than blabber on, allow me to instead show you the recent developer preview video that goes over the whole process in extreme detail. Its really fascinating stuff, so if you're interested in creating maps for Total War: Warhammer I would definitely suggest you give it a look. Here's the video:

And finally, if you're a fan of fancy knights and powerful magic, you'll be glad to hear that Bretonnia will be joining Total War: Warhammer's faction roster on February 28th. You can learn more by heading over here, but long story short, Bretonnia will come with three Legendary Lords, a variety of unique quests specific for each Lord, as well as a whole bunch of updated units to mess around with. And best of all, it will be free!