The Twisted & The Twilight official artwork and logo

[Update #2]: Creative Assembly have now revealed the full patch notes for The Twisted & The Twilight update.

[Update]: The latest preview is all about the gigantic Wood Elf rework!

After being teased time and time again, Total War: Warhammer 2's Wood Elf focused DLC has now finally been revealed. The Twisted & The Twilight will bring with it two new Legendary Lords, Throt the Unclean for Skaven and Naestra & Arahan for Wood Elves, a bunch of new units and heroes to toy around with, unique mechanics for each faction, and an absolute ton of changes to the Wood Elves as a whole.

The latter part will be arriving alongside a free update, most of which will be focused around getting the Wood Elf campaign onto the level of the other Total War: Warhammer 2 races. As such, you can expect to see a variety of new settlements for the Wood Elves to occupy, a significantly less restrictive Amber mechanic, a more involved tech tree, plenty of quality of life changes and improvements, and most importantly of all, the ability to teleport around through the use of World Roots!

And if that just isn't enough, there will also be two free new units to snag - the dread dryad Drycha as a Legendary Lord, and the fiercesome Glade Captain as a buff-orientated Hero. From what I've figured out, Drycha will be exclusive to owners of the original Wood Elf DLC, while everything else should be up for grabs for anyone that owns any of the Wood Elf stuff.

The whole thing is unfortunately a little bit confusing and still shrouded in thick layer of fog, so if you're looking for specific details, make sure to keep an eye on the official FAQ as Creative Assembly is set to reveal everything in the near future.

As for right now, allow me to share you the newest trailer highlighting all of the stuff coming in with The Twisted & The Twilight DLC. Have a peek:

The Twisted & The Twilight, along with the accompanying update, will be arriving this December 3rd. Once the update arrives I'll make sure to let you know, but for now, you can learn a little bit more about it over at Steam. Enjoy!