Total War: Warhammer 2 screenshot of Malus Darkblade

[Update #2]: The Shadow & The Blade DLC and its accompanying update have now arrived, and so far they have been quite amazing!

[Update]: Creative Assembly has now released a preview showcasing the new Dark Elf units, as well as what Malus Darkblade has to offer on the campaign map.

If you're not a fan of having free time, you might be interested to hear that Creative Assembly has just announced a whole bunch of new content for Total War: Warhammer 2. First and foremost, the The Shadow & The Blade DLC will bring with it Malus Darkblade and Deathmaster Snikch as unique Legendary Lords, as well as a whole bunch of new units and heroes to round up the Skaven and Dark Elf armies.

The update will also bring with it a variety of improvements and quality of life changes, the most important of which is a 60% end-turn timer reduction for Mortal Empires, all without cutting any factions or AI interactions! And if that wasn't enough to get you to start a brand new campaign, I'm also happy to say that the Bretonnian Jeanne d'Arc equivalent Repanse de Lyonesse will be coming to both Mortal Empires and the Vortex Campaign alongside her trusty Grail Knight companion Henri le Massif.

When it comes to the free update, the details are still few and far between, but if you're curious about The Shadow & The Blade DLC, you can find more information over at Steam. Or you can just check out the recently posted trailer as it is a pretty darn good one. Have a peek at the battle between a demon-infested Elf and an anime-powered rat ninja:

Once the full patch notes get released I'll make sure to let you know, though thankfully that shouldn't take long as The Shadow & The Blade DLC and its accompanying update will be coming this December 12th. Personally, I can't wait for more Skaven madness!